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Dan-Barde: What a Sacrilege?

by Isiyaku Ahmed
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By Dr. Bashir Abdullahi Kumo

Everyone like me was shocked when a conversation between Dan-Barde and associates got leaked on the internet. On the audio message, Dan-Barde was overheard belittling and abusing our party elders and excos who of course were the pillars and bedrock of our great party.

The audio dropped like Hiroshima and Nagasaki in our hearts. What a sacrilege indeed, coming from someone who is supposed to be an epitome of respect in our midst considering the fact that he is vying for the highest office in our dear state, Gombe State.

An abomination has happened and as usual, we shall fight it with everything at our disposal. I Dr. Bashir Abdullahi Kumo (Gaddafi) will always stand by the truth no matter how bitter it will taste, I will stand by the truth even if it will be against me.

The likes of Alh. Ahmed Yayari (PDP National Treasurer), Rtd. AVM Adamu Fura, Former minister of transport, Barr. Idris, Dr. Abubakar Ali Gombe, and His Excellency, Dr.  Jamilu Isiyaka Gwamna are people we hold in high esteem and dearly revered by all regardless of any political difference or affiliation, they are people whose philanthropic gestures will forever remain indelible in the hearts of many good citizens of Gombe State and Nigeria at large.

But to my greatest surprise, these are the same people whom Dan-Barde chose to belittle and abuse in his unaccepted and corrupted audio message, what a shame, what an abomination… This is so unforgivable by any stakeholder of our dear state.

As a guber candidate of Gombe State contesting under the umbrella of our great party, the PDP, it is unfortunate and unfortunate, pathetic and indeed uncalled for him to demonstrate this act of hoodlums in the face of elections which is fast approaching.

I expect him to hide all his shortcomings and bad manners at least when elections are fully and successfully conducted but Lo! and behold! he has shown all of us his true colors thereby saving us from the impediment in the nearest future, indeed a stitch in time saves nine. Thank you for showing us your true colors at the right time.

I, Dr. Bashir Abdullahi Kumo debunk myself from this unwanted act of Dan-Barde and I think the gentleman lacks the prerequisite and technical know-how to take the people of Gombe State to the Promised Land.

Further to this, these people he chose to demean are far better than him in all ramifications. Can Dan-Barde equate himself with the likes of Alh. Abubakar Ali Gombe or any of the personalities mentioned above? Can he match himself with any of their achievements?

Can he boast of any contribution towards the lives of the people of Gombe like did any of them? Their records of peace and love can never be compared with that of Dan-Barde and there was never a time they were arrogant to the people of Gombe State unlike Dan-Barde himself.

The likes of Alh. Yayari who never decamped to any party ever since they started politics are today objects of ridicule to Dan-Barde who was never straightforward in his political dealings, career, and aspiration, the same Dan-Barde who is known for jumping from one party to the other, this is totally unacceptable to us Sir, we won’t fold our arms and watch you destroy the legacies of our great party.

It was never expected of Dan-Barde to stoop so low to do what he did considering his age and the important office he is vying for, how will he expect people to trust him with this display of hooliganism?

I Dr. BASHIR ABDULLAHI KUMO being a child knows that I have gone wrong in many ways back in history (which I will forever regret) and I promise never to repeat such in the future, I also promise to make right of such wrongs anytime anywhere I see them, if I were in Dan-Barde’s shoes, I would have resigned politics knowing fully well that I lack what it takes to rule the good people of Gombe State.

I doubt if the electorates can ever trust him with their votes. I’m not even surprised because Dan-Barde is always thinking in the wrong direction, he thinks that might and power will always give him what he wants.

Finally, I want Dan-Barde to understand that power is given by God and He gives it to whomever He chooses. At this point, I will also assure him that the God we serve is a just God and He will never give the good people of Gombe State and bad leader like Dan-Barde.

I’ll finally advise him to come out openly and apologize to all these people and seek their forgiveness.

Regardless of party affiliation, we stand for the truth. I hope Dan-Barde will be bold enough to accept the truth and do the needful before it’s too late for him.

Stand for the truth even if it means you will stand alone.

Together, we can make Gombe State better.

Dr. Kumo, aspirant, Gombe State House of Assembly representing Kumo Central under the great PDP

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