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Eddie Murphy Agrees to Pay Mel B $35,000 in Monthly Child Support

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When it comes to child support payments from Eddie Murphy, it looks like Mel B is receiving exactly what she wants.

After two years, Eddie Murphy has finally agreed to Mel B’s request of $35,000 monthly child support payments for their daughter Angel, as reported by Daily Mail. The site states that Mel B had originally filed documents seeking more financial help from Eddie due to a change in her income.

Previously, Eddie was paying $25,000 per month, or roughly $300,000 a year, after their paternity matter was closed in 2009.

Eddie, who the documents identify as an “extraordinarily high earner,” will now pay an additional $10,000 per month. In addition to that, Eddie also agreed to pay Mel B’s attorney fees of $10,000.

The documents state that Mel B will have to pay for “add-on” costs, which Daily Mail reports could include health care, extracurricular activities, and educational expenses.

Mel B delivered her and Eddie’s daughter in April 2007, and a DNA test confirmed his paternity by June 2007.

Mel B wrote about her relationship with Eddie in her 2018 book “Brutally Honest,” as well as what happened when he initially denied their kid before the DNA Test proved his paternity.

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