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Army Court Marshals 68 Officers, Soldiers in Sokoto

by Isiyaku Ahmed
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Musa Na Allah Sokoto

The Nigeria Army 8 Division headquarters in Sokoto has inaugurated a 12-member court marshal, for the trial of 68 Army Officers and Soldiers arrested for various offenses committed within its jurisdiction.

The convener of the Court-martial who is also the General Officer Commanding 8 Division Nigeria Army Sokoto, Major General Uwen Bassy while inaugurating the 12 man’s court, urged the court to speed up the trial and ensure justice.

He said the suspected Army officers and Soldiers were at various points found wanting in the discharge of their military duties, therefore the military Authority established a special military court to prosecute them based on the gravity of the offense come committed.

He warned that the military would not in any way condone laxity and acts of cowardice among officers and Soldiers in their line of duties, adding that anyone found wanting would not be spared.

The president of the Court-martial is Colonel Clement Iyehere.

In his comments, the lead defense counsel, Barrister Godwin O Uwadiae said the suspected military officers and soldiers to be tried by the court were presumed innocent until proven otherwise, adding that there is no military personnel among the defense council.

Barrister Uwadiae further explained that with the caliber of the defense council team, the suspected Officers and Soldiers would be adequately defended at the court proceedings and if possible get all of them set free or even returned to military service after possible acquittance.

He said most of their clients were under detention for over seven months without trial which is against their fundamental human rights as Nigerian citizens.

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