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Take Aways from Zaragoza

by Isiyaku Ahmed
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By Dr. Sule Ya’u Sule

The 73 World News Media Congress that took place in Zaragoza, Spain from Wednesday, September 28-Friday 30, has left me with some memories of which I intend to share a few with you.

1. Media must devise new tactics and evolve strategies to remain in business in the midst of the global economic recession.

2. Investors are only looking for a viable and self-sustaining medium to invest.

3. Only improved Brands can improve on adverts

4. Relationship b/w PR and News Media has continued to elicit questions as to who actually owns the information.

5. Needs of journalists has changed, and PR Professionals must change to conform to Journalist’s needs.

6. How fake news is hindering the performance of PR professionals.

7. Audiences have the right to receive any information as such journalists must not censor PR releases.

8. Media credibility must be a consideration for PR patronage.

9. Credibility of Information source goes a long way toward fastening the processing of information by editors

10. Trust in News on platforms is lower than trust in News in general( ie Twitter, Facebook, etc)

Hope to come up with a paper on my Zaragoza experience. Thank you.

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