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Nigeria Records 170 Deaths, 909 Cases of Lasser Fever in 25 States

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Nigeria has recorded 170 Deaths, 909 Cases of Lasser Fever in 25 States in 101 local government areas.

This was disclosed at the Ministerial Press Briefing in Abuja by the Assistant Director and Head of Response Division, Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, NCDC, Dr Aderinola Olaolu.

He added that 70% of the confirmed cases are from Ondo, Edo and Bauchi states.

He, however, noted that the centre’s response activities in curbing the fever, continue in all areas, particularly in areas of state advocacy, infection and prevention, control support and laboratory diagnostics.

Speaking on the monkey pox outbreak in Nigeria, he said: “We have 815 suspected cases, out of which, 318 are confirmed cases and 7 deaths have been reported this year.”

Dr. Olaolu said plans are in place to work with key partners to support and establish areas for monkey pox research priorities, underline animal reservoirs, population exposure and genomics of transmission change.

“Our response continues with the development of monkeypox communication materials, provision of support to states with face identification,

“We continue to train the infection prevention, and focal persons, and develop IPC guidelines. Perpetual activities have continued and are being strengthened in areas of sample collection, and genomic sequencing”.

The director for Disease Control and Immunization, National Primary Health Care Development Agency, NPHCDA, Dr Bassey Okposong, stated that 46,710,345, eligible persons in the country, have been administered with their first dose of Covid-19 vaccine while 33,808,662, have been fully vaccinated and 3,608,000 have gotten their booster shots.

He reiterated, that the vaccines still remain free in Nigeria and persons who haven’t done so, are encouraged to go take their vaccines and not pay listening ears to rumours, as the number of vaccinated persons, is enough evidence to show that the side effects rumours are false and the vaccines are safe.

To get more persons to come out and take their vaccines, he explained that the agency has been working closely with traditional and religious institutions in the country.

He also noted that there are enough vaccines to go around for all eligible: “I know there are a lot of people that will say they don’t have enough vaccines, only as at today, where I come from, we have about 35,454,000 doses of vaccines that are available for Nigerians who are eligible”.

The Director of Family Health, Federal Ministry of Health, Dr Salma Ana’s Ibrahim, advised the public on the benefits of living a healthy Lifestyle.

She explained that the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle are profitable in the prevention of common diseases and prolonged life.

She advised Nigerians to drink water and ensure they stay hydrated, have a healthy balanced work life, ensure they get adequate sleep, a minimum of eight hours and inculcate exercise in their daily routine

On the other hand, speaking on things to avoid that are detrimental to the health, she advised against drinking and smoking, while she emphasized that Shisha is much deadlier than Tobacco.


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