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World Youth Day: Lamido Lament Limited Youth Participation in Governance, Politics

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World youth day - Lamido

Muhammad Garba

Jigawa state gubernatorial candidate of People Democratic Party (PDP) Alhaji Mustapha Sule Lamido has expressed his concern over the limited or even poor youth participation in politics and governance in Nigeria, describing the situation as alarming.

Lamido who is among fewer youth contesting for governorship and other seats in the forthcoming 2023 general election stated this in his message to commemorate 2022 International Youth Day.

He said, despite youths being the bedrock of any society’s development and future leaders, Nigerian youth seems to be very hesitant in playing their expected role in nation-building.

Mustapha added that the country’s founding fathers and other past patriotic nationalists and politicians had started participating in governance and politics at a youthful age, and these gave them opportunities to master a lot and contributed a lot to moving the nation forward.

“As a matter of truth, as fellow youth, we must wake up and start it now, because our constitution has given us all ample opportunity and enabling environment for us to play our civic responsibilities in building a proudly nation for us and future generations.

“I am sending this message to Nigerian Youth, in particular, we are left behind when it comes to significant youth participation in public and private leadership roles, we often fail to work together toward achieving our goals, sometimes even bringing ourselves down.

“However, it is not too late, we can correct our mistakes and catch up with determination and consciousness on our social affairs. Indeed, the 2023 general elections are an opportunity for us to rise and prove our capacity locally, nationally, and internationally.”

Lamido maintained that the Nigerian youth has all the talent, capacity, and constitutional backing to change the bad narration and misfortune of the nation and replaced it with confidence and hope for a prosperous and happiest society.

“I congratulate my fellow Jigawa State and Nigerian youths for the progress and achievements we have recorded so far. The Not too Young to run campaign is one of such achievements, I believe together we can do more,” Lamido declared.

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