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‘I can’t do this anymore, I give up’ – Papaya Ex

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Papaya Ex

Instagram influencer Raheem Abike Halimah popularly known as Papaya Ex or Abike Arab Money, recently tweeted about her not being able to continue with the excessive spending on data purchases weekly.

Papaya Ex also stated that she misses the old times when she uses “1GB in a month”.

She also disclosed in her tweet that she spends N50, 000 on data in a week, and she also stated that she is fed up with spending such an amount on data, describing it as “daylight robbery”.

She tweeted:

“I can’t do this anymore, I give up. 50k data in a week??

I miss days we use 1GB in a month, please.

What’s this daylight robbery help?”

And this recent tweet has caused serious backlash from some netizens, accusing her of “capping” on the internet about spending that amount weekly.

Responding to the backlash, she explains that she spends 24/7 of her time on the internet. And that people are behaving blindly about the current situation in the country, “100k is now the new 10k today”.

She wrote:

“Lmaoo. Because I didn’t say 50k in 5 days? Mtchew.

 I use 10k every single day. I use the internet 24/7,

 How much do you expect me to use 2k?

Please, y’all act ignorant blindly

Every time on this app. Who doesn’t know?

100k is the new 10k lately. Kmt abeg!”.

Not too long-ago Papaya landed a multi-Million endorsement deal with a beauty product company.

Photos of her holding the gigantic check flashing the amount she was been paid for the gig.

When she shared the announcement on her story, Papaya revealed that about 4-years ago she slides to their Dm, asking to “model for free” and now 2022, they texted.

However, some internet users are finding it hard to believe that the company would pay 50million for just a brand ambassador deal.

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