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APC, Tinubu’s Bishops, 419 Yahoo Yahoo Party

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APC Bishops

By Emmanuel Gandu

Nigerians have been scammed since 2015.

This is their trademark. This is what they know how to do best.

For how long shall this continue?

This is APC’s latest scam of rented so-called bishops. Roadside mechanics, motor park conductors, and carpenters as Christian Bishops at the unveiling of Kashim Shetima of the Muslim-Muslim ticket in Abuja on 20/7/2022.

That’s APC for you.

Nigerians, you should expect more and worst of this kind of deception.

Shine your eyes as we approach 2023.

We have just seen the bad from APC.

The worst, the dirty, and the ugly are yet to come.

APC is on Rampage.

Brace up Nigerians

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