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Group Raises Alarm Over Eminent Collapse of Jigawa Pension System

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Group - Jigawa State

Muhammad Garba

Despite being regarded as the pioneer and the best pension system in Nigeria, the Jigawa state pension system is facing the threat of eminent collapse due to the continuous decrease of civil servants in the state.

The group under the umbrella of Jigawa Manpower Development Advocacy Group raise the alarm as they embarked on advocacy visits to heads of ministries and parastatals, lawmakers, and executives on the need to take major to rescue the situation.

Speaking to journalists, the Leader of the group, Hajiya Furera Abdullahi Bafffa said, the public service delivery in the state, particularly education, health, and other related critical sectors is in danger as thousands of workers retired and some died annually without replacement.

According to them, currently, there is a number of schools in the state that have no single teacher, some with only one or two teachers, equally, there is similar inadequate manpower in the hospitals’ ministries and agencies.

 She, however, revealed that the number of pensioners is presently higher than the number of active civil servants in the state, as the number of pensioners also continues to increase day by day due to the contribution payable to the pension board is also decreasing.

“The amount paid as a contribution to Pension board is reducing every day and the number of pensioners is increasing and over budding the board due to non-replacement of those retired, these poses a great threat for the collapse of the system”.

They, however, called on all authority concerns and other stakeholders as a matter of urgency to come up with a plan for massive recruitment and also established a low for compulsory annual replacement of at least the number of those who retired or died in that year.

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