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INEC: Retirement of Officials Should Not be Violated Under Any Circumstance – Group warns

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The Save Humanity Advocacy Centre has commended the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for its commitment to upholding the tenets of democracy and mainstreaming integrity in our electoral processes.

The group in an open letter said “Our stance on this is simple: “The duration of service of INEC officials is enshrined in the Nigerian constitution and should not be violated under any circumstance.

“Our concern arises from the fact that some of the Commissioners are selfishly lobbying to be retained in office beyond the due date of their retirement. This does not only show insincerity of purpose; but a clear indication that some Commissioners have vested political interests in their states of jurisdiction.

“The sanctity of our electoral process must be maintained by ignoring indecent maneuvering by apparently partisan Resident Electoral Commissioners.

“The build-up to the 2023 general elections has so far been encouraging and this implies that Nigeria is gradually perfecting its democratic processes. From the setting up of guidelines for political parties, to the strict enforcement of those guidelines; INEC has demonstrated its independence and resolve to serve as an unbiased umpire in the management of the up-coming general elections” said Sunday Attah, Executive Director of Save Humanity Advocacy Centre in a statement circulated to journalists.

The statement reads in part, “However, we have received intelligence from reliable sources that there are moves to arm-twist INEC to ignore or violate its mandatory retirement protocol in favour of some of its retiring Resident Electoral Commissioners.

“As we call on INEC to maintain its current level of professionalism, we encourage the Commission to do what is right by ignoring all suggestions that clearly go against the provisions of the country’s constitution. We also urge the Commission to investigate the activities of its “Resident Electoral Commissioners, especially those due for retirement but are lobbying to remain in office.”

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