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June: The Most Eventful Month in Christendom

by Isiyaku Ahmed
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By Emmanuel Gandu

The Catholic Liturgical calendar is so prepared and arranged those events occur and unfold in line with the church’s religious philosophy.

This is derived from a rich resource of history, tradition, authority (magisterium), and a scriptural background spanning over two thousand (2000) years.

Today, the Catholic Liturgical calendar is not only the reference document/guide for other Christian denominations in planning their spiritual activities, but also for secular, civil, military authorities, and governments. These include public functions, holidays, and yearly/periodic events.

Why is June Important?

Otherwise called the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, June ends up the Easter Season and begins the Ordinary Time in the Catholic Liturgical calendar – a time for reaching out.

From Pentecost brought the birth of the Christian Church to fruition, to the events of the Trinity that confirm the three persons in one God, and to the celebration of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ (Corpus Christi).

In addition to that, the celebrated blood of the Martyrs as a seed for the growth of the church points in the direction of the need for a vibrant evangelization for new life.

Furthermore, and of major significance, the events of June highlight the role of Jesus Christ in the expansion and growth of the church as exemplified in the continuing roles through the birth of John the Baptist, the Apostles Peter and Paul, and of course not forgetting the interceding role of Mary the mother of Jesus.

June Events in Focus

(1) The beginning of June falls within the Liturgical Season of Easter because Easter Season ends after Pentecost.

(2) Martyrs of Uganda – 3/6/2022

(3) Pentecost – 5/6/2022.

(4) Blessed Virgin Mary – 6/6/2022.

(5) Trinity – 12/6/2022

(6) Corpus Christi – 19/6/2022

(7) Nativity of John the Baptist – 23/6/2022

(8) Sacred Heart of Jesus – 24/6/2022

(9) Immaculate Heart of Mary – 25/6/2022

(10) SS Peter and Paul – 29/6/2022.

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