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It is our tradition that from time to time we do give our readers’ the space to air their views on what we give them to read. Today is one of those days.

Of Atiku’s sucker punch, Wike’s tantrums, and APC’s only door, by Hassan Gimba

An unbiased analysis of the just concluded PDP presidential primary elections. I like the concluding paragraphs for the fact that Governor Buni demonstrated capacity and competence in restoring the lost force and strength of APC.

Ukasha Ismail

Politics, being a dangerous game, I have been calculating the way out for APC, but my thoughts only revolve around BAT. But now, sir, you have given me another candidate to ponder about, and definitely, if APC should see reasons to borrow from your calculations, permit me to say, their ‘fear’ will be reduced.

Doka Menema Sa’ad

Great! Keep up the good work

Ahmed Daya

You are really doing a good job for Buni and the Northeast. The correctness of your analysis can be left for another day’s discussion.

AbdulWasiu Sanusi

You have made a good analysis by using the counter calculus for APC to adhere to and achieve what they want. Thanks, Alhaji Hassan Gimba for a job well done.

Kutashi Ndima Dzarma

This analysis is unbiased and a product of professionalism.

Adam Muhammad Sani

My Doc. I can’t agree less, but the introduction of the “devil” you know got me thinking (lol). A good PR for Buni; equating him with Atiku. I’ll love both Buni and Zulum be left out of this so that they can continue with the good work of governance. The citizens need them most, sir

Raymond Gukas

One step forward, two steps backward; who the cap fit, let him wear it.

Husakwe Adamu

Very nice permutation. But a times things don’t swing as anticipated. All the same, we all have our ears listening to hear the emerging force.

Good evening my fellow citizen of Yobe State, my second state of origin. Just as we said this morning one can’t sometimes predict such things.

Alas! You did well in your permutations. Adios to the political dynasty of Senator Ahmed Lawan spanning over 20 years of national legislative representation of Yobe State, beginning with 8 years in the House of Representatives and 12 years of Senatorial representation. No thanks to an unpopular representation.

At last! It’s the time for Atiku to be the president of this country comes to the election, because all of the political gladiators that hitherto used to shatter his dreams of ruling this country have either died, became too old, or political obliteration. Hence, only the angel of death can stop Atiku from getting the president of this country, in shaa Allah.

Hamid Magaji

Of Banditry and a Shared Sovereignty (1, 2 & 3) Rich and insightful. Looked forward to seeing the part two (2) Sir. May God come our way.

Mubarak Shu’aib

Please keep praying, your gods will soon send security operatives from his kingdom to fight off these TERRORIST groups, say Amen

Thank you, sir, for your insight into the security issues bedeviling us in the country.

One area that seems strange to me, is the aspect where you labeled Sunday Igboho as the Bandit terrorizing the southwest. This is far from the truth, what Sunday Igboho did, was for him and his men to stand in the gap, when Amotekun has not been created to protect the Southwest, especially the Ogbomosho axis. As you rightly confirmed that the security men especially the police are unreliable.

Many times when bandits and kidnappers are reported, the police will not lift a finger, in some instances that some herdsmen are caught destroying farmlands, the means of livelihood of the peasant farmers, and the police will release those people with their animals.

The level of this injustice was too high and led to the death of a lecturer who returned to the country to set up a farm, and when some animals entered his farm and destroyed it, he went to report to Wakilu, only for him to be kidnapped and tied to a tree and killed. Did the security men investigate this and brought anyone to justice? No. This was what Sunday Igboho fought against and issued a directive for Wakilu to vacate the land.

Governor Akeredolu if Ondo State, did something similar asking the illegal occupants of Government reserve to vacate the place if they failed to register, only for media aides of the president to start countering him that he doesn’t have the power to issue such directive, how far as the government helped to remove the illegal occupants of our forest and sanitize the country? When the President reluctantly said, people going around with AK-47s should be shot, how many have they been able to arrest?

Let us condemn whatever is wrong with one voice and agreed that whatever is bad us bad, no other name, because the fellow doing it is from my tribe, therefore he is right!

Sir Law

The founders and sponsors of Boko Haram and Bandits are not hidden.

The founders and sponsors of Boko Haram and Bandits are not hidden.

Ezugwu Isaac Emmanuel

May Allah SWA rescue us by providing means and ways of curtailing them.

Garba Ibrahim

May God help us all and let there be peace in Nigeria.

King Raheem

May God continue to regard ours.

Nuhu Danboyi

Ya Hayyu ya kayyum

Nura Neetworrk

Allah help us and protect us.

Ashiru Sabo Gamawa


Felix Chimez


Hadizat Suleiman

Wetin concern me?

Olapade Okeya

Well said, my senior!

Ahmed Daya

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