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SERDEC Decries Marginalization of FCT Original Inhabitants in Distribution of 2022 Constituency Projects

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Grace Egila

The Socio-Economic Research and Development Centre, SERDEC, has called on the National Directorate of Employment (NDE) to address the economic injustice against the original Federal Capital Territory, FCT, inhabitant in the distribution and Implementation of its 2022 capital and zonal constituency projects.

The Executive Director, SERDEC, Tijani Abdulkareem in a statement, Monday, said the recent advertisement in the national dailies for the implementation of NDEs 2022 capital project and zonal intervention constituency project is a gross deprivation.

Adding that it is a serious economic injustice against the original inhabitants of the FCT who have suffered decades of marginalization, discrimination, and widespread neglect.

According to the statement, out of the 310 empowerment projects on vocational and technical skills and those focusing on the provision of basic infrastructure for rural communities across the constituencies as listed out by the directorate for implementation in 2022, no project was earmarked for implementation across the rural communities of the FCT where indigenous groups whose lands were parceled out by Decree 6 of 1976 to make room for Nigeria’s capital city.

The statement noted that having been rendered stateless and vulnerable amidst the harsh impact of COVID-19 economic recession, government projects, programs, and policies should consider the plight of these marginalized people to pull them out of untold hardship and poverty.

It further explained that the interest of local communities and marginalized groups needs to be at the core of the projects.

Implementation and budgeting for recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic have to be put in place in an effort to build resilience, strong and better communities in the face of the current economic recession faced by the country if we plan to reduce poverty and achieve the sustainable development goals, the statement added.

The statement urges the directorate to develop a checklist for inclusive budgeting and ensure justice, equity, and the rule of law prevail in the distribution of constituency project implementation.

It advised NDE to take a proactive step in the implementation of its constituency projects to encourage inclusion while recognizing the need to protect the rights and interests of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in Nigeria.

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