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Portable: Apologizes to Headies for issuing threats

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On Thursday 26th May 2022, the ‘Zazoo Zeh’ crooner took to his Instagram account to threaten to cause harm to any nominee who pips him to his two 2022 Headies nominated categories.

Portable issued the threat based on his singular belief that his nominated song ‘Zazoo Zeh’ is far superior in popularity to other nominated songs.

The Headies reacted to the threat by issuing a public release where they slammed Portable and demanded that he apologized to the Headies Academy and fellow nominees or risk being disqualified for the awards.

In the early hours of Saturday 28th May 2022, Portable took to his Instagram page to post a backhanded apology to the Headies.

Portable speaking in Yoruba said “The Headies, invited you invited a mad man and you will still see madness,”

He went on further to tender a backhanded apology even referring to the Headies as ‘Bros’. “Bros, no vex, If I fuck up no be me first to fuck up,” Portable said quoting the street famous lines of Black Sherif’s ‘Kwaku The Traveller’.
Since he gained mainstream success, Portable has been a recurring figure in the news for controversial reasons. It’s unlikely that the Headies, fellow nominees, and fans have seen the last of Portable as regards the 2022 Headies award.

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