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Mbappe: ‘Real Madrid dream never over’

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The forward has not ruled out an exit from the French capital when his new deal runs out in 2025

Kylian Mbappe has said that he could still one day move to Real Madrid despite snubbing them to sign a contract extension with Paris Saint-Germain over the weekend.
His PSG renewal infuriated people in Spain, but he has nonetheless expressed hope that hard feelings will fade away over time.

The 23-year-old’s new deal with the French club will run until 2025.
“Never over, never over,” Mbappe told BBC when asked whether his dream of playing for the Blancos had died. “The only thing is that now I have signed a contract for three years more.

“You never know what can happen in the future.

“I give up to think about the future, I only think about the present and the present is I signed a new contract for three years more at Paris Saint-Germain.”

On his decision not to join Real Madrid this year, he added: “I spoke to the president of Real Madrid because I have a lot of respect for him and the club. I think it was important to say it personally that I wasn’t going to go.

“To be a great player [you have] to be honest and everything was great and good because we have a good relationship.”
Mbappe will still be in the prime of his career at 26 years old when his PSG extension runs out, so he will likely be an in-demand player in 2025.

Real Madrid will have almost certainly made big-money signings in the interim, though, and it remains to be seen whether they will hold a grudge against the French star.

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