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CHRICED Condemns Russian Invasion of Ukraine, calls on UN, World Leaders to Act Decisively

by Isiyaku Ahmed
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Isiyaku Ahmed

The Resource Centre for Human Rights & Civic Education (CHRICED) categorically condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Russia launched an attack on Ukraine from the north, south, and east at the same time, with missiles and bombs reportedly hitting airports and military bases.

At a time when the world is still reeling from the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on lives and livelihoods, it is unthinkable that any world leader would defy all diplomatic entreaties and launch an unnecessary war.

This was contained in a statement by the CHRICED Executive Director, Comrade Dr. Ibrahim M. Zikirullahi.

Other parts of the statement read;

CHRICED believes that instead of resorting to senseless and unacceptable bloodshed under whatever pretext, Russian President Vladimir Putin should have stayed at the negotiating table to find a diplomatic solution to his country’s grievances with Ukraine. In these troubled times, the world requires peace, cooperation, and global solidarity.

This unnecessary war will result in the loss of precious lives as well as the displacement of civilians, including vulnerable people, from their homes.

The human misery, suffering, and humanitarian crisis that will be precipitated by Russia’s use of force will undoubtedly exact a heavy toll, not only on the victims but also on the world’s resources. It is unfortunate and unacceptable that scarce resources that could have been devoted to social services such as education, healthcare, and infrastructure are now being spent on the purchase of arms, ammunition, and other lethal weapons with the sole purpose of terminating human lives.

Russia’s aggression will also divert world leaders’ attention and resources away from pressing global issues such as climate change, extreme poverty, human rights violations, and COVID recovery efforts. The majority of world leaders’ time will now be devoted to putting a stop to Russian aggression and expansionist ambitions.

CHRICED expresses its solidarity with the people of Ukraine, particularly ordinary citizens who are now defenseless and have nowhere to flee. For many years, the people of Ukraine have had to put up with Russian bullying and saber-rattling.

The attacks should dispel any doubts that world powers had about President Putin’s intentions. Beyond slamming economic sanctions on the Russian regime, world leaders must show even more resolve. The United Nations must go beyond simple condemnation.

According to the statement, proportionate action should be taken to send a clear message to Putin and his despotic regime that the world will not accept the bloodletting he is currently perpetrating. Russia has no business remaining on the UN Security Council after defying the international community.

Concerning the safety, welfare, and well-being of Nigerians caught up in the conflict, CHRICED urges the Federal Government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other relevant agencies, to intervene quickly and ensure citizens are evacuated from the conflict zone.

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