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Legacy Projects Comparative Review Begins in PDP States

by Isiyaku Ahmed
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By Anselm Okolo

A peer review exercise and special interrogation and reporting on Legacy (high impact) projects initiated and executed by PDP Governors in their respective states will start tomorrow. Friday, February 24, 2022.

The first state to be reviewed under the agreed and approved set of criteria will be Sokoto state.

A team of top journalists and other independent consultants and Civil Society Organizations, CSOs, to conduct the review drawn from the print, electronic, social media platforms and the CSO community across the country are already in Sokoto. The review will last a few days, in the first instance.

Each review exercise will begin with a presentation of identified Legacy projects by the states, followed by a site tour of some of the projects, and an incisive appraisal of programs and policy options and outcomes. This will be followed by a conference interrogation by the Team, of the quality of delivery of the projects, cost management, capacity and relevance of the projects, and impact on citizens of the State.

The Team will also be looking at the project’s multiplier impact on social and economic development in the State.

The peer-review campaign is being coordinated by the PDP Governors Forum, PDP – GF, and will take the Team to all the states controlled by the party.

In a statement in Abuja, Director General of the PDP – GF, Hon. CID Maduabum said the review will be objective, intensive, incisive, and will measure value for money spent. It may well represent a first of its kind in the country.

He said, “the PDP must begin now to collate materials and narratives that will usher it boldly and convincingly into the debates and campaigns for the 2023 General elections based on performance indicators of its Governors, who presently represent a sample of the kind of government to be run by the party in 2023 at the federal level.”

Maduabum said PDP Governors have demonstrated an uncommon capacity in projects execution and prudence in the administration of their States over the past six years.

“These legacy achievements will be introduced to Nigerians through a peer review campaign and media reporting on the Legacy projects in infrastructure, agriculture, roads, bridges and flyovers, health, education, encapsulated in the human capital development identified and presented by the states for Peer Reviewing,” he said adding “it will be a massive showcase of impact-oriented projects executed by each State, under the exemplary leadership of our Governors.”

According to Maduabum “the PDP ruled Nigeria for 16years and is now essentially a party in opposition. But it controls 13 of the 36 states in the Federation. It cannot in any way be a pushover in a contest for hearts and minds ds of Nigerians for power at the federal level in 2023, following the disastrous performance of the APC led Federal Government.”

In developing the narratives of the peer review campaign, the Director-General said it will be presenting to Nigerians, “a choice of at least two competing visions and tendencies, the PDP years of performance and the APC years of failure and misrule” because “meaningful choices and opportunities must be presented to the voters to inform their decisions as they go out to vote in 2023”


He said it is important that “the PDP Governors as the governments in opposition need to interrogate and present its policy choices, projects, programs and achievements in concert and close consultation with the leadership of the PDP for 2023”

At the end of the review exercises projects and programs reviewed will be collated comparatively for presentation to Nigerians. This is in contrast to the APC-run States where misrule and misery largely reign supreme.

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