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In memory of Abdulhamid Hassan Baba (1940 – 2021)

by Isiyaku Ahmed

I cannot even begin to describe how accommodating you were. Baba na Makkah, Baban kowa.

Let me tell you a little about my Baba;

Baba’s doors were always wide open to everyone and anyone.

He was always ready to listen to people’s problems,

He was a man that gave inspiration and courage.

He always put others before himself and taught us all to do the same.

His generosity was limitless.

Baba’s humility and courtesy towards others were always seen throughout his life.

To him, we were all one.

His door was always open to everyone, even people he didn’t know.

And he would never let one leave hungry,

He was always willing to help the vulnerable and improve their lives one way or the other and expected nothing in return.

The subtle yet indelible impact Baba had in people’s lives is nearly impossible to quantify and I can say with certainty that our lives would be completely different if he hadn’t been in it.

His laughter could always fill up a room

He was someone we could all take our problems to and he never had to speak loudly to be heard.

It hurts so much knowing I’ll never see you again, hug you, and hear you say ‘my dear.’

I’m still trying to get used to living in this world without you.

Baba was no ordinary man.

So it is only right that when his children describe him, you would hear words like;




One of a kind,






Generous heart,








And lastly, Exceptional.

You really cannot blame them for describing him with such beautiful words because Baba’s children were his pride.

He always said he loved them more than us contrary to how grandparents were.

I loved him for that, he was brutally honest.

Sometimes I pick up my phone hoping to hear his voice.

We all miss you terribly, but we’re even more thankful to have created so many memories together. Not everyone gets that

You always had a smile on your face and that’s how I’ll remember you.

You raised such a beautiful family.

We had so many memorable evenings with aunts, uncles, cousins, they were the sweetest of times full of laughter, games, and tea. Lots of tea.

Your impeccable character and personality will not be forgotten because I see so much of you in your children

Uncle Mahmoud, Aunty Houdah, and my mother Anty Jamila inherited his trait of accommodating and tolerance

Anty Omeh, Uncle Jay, and Uncle Yusuf’s smile have always been a reflection of his.

Anty Liyeh, Aunty Halys with a generous heart, discipline, and selflessness.

Uncle Hussein with his simplicity & generosity,

Aunty Maryam, Aunty Zainab, Uncle Abdul with his strength

Uncle Hassan & Uncle Sarki with discipline.

Aunty Salaha & Aunty Ruqayya (May her soul rest in Jannah) with kindness that knows no bounds.

Aunty Hawwah & Aunty Lubsy are considerate and thoughtful at all times.

Aunt Hajiyaye & Aunty Zulaha are the most supportive, you can always count on them.

Baba lives in all of us.

We will keep your memory alive; to love & hold onto each other dearly just like you did.

Your death was a wake-up call to us because no one has touched the lives of so many people as you did

It makes me want to be a better person, to help people

I hope that I see the world the way that you did

I love you BABA, being your grandchild will always be a blessing. Alhamdulilah!

Today I pray to the almighty Allah to grant you Aljana Firdaus

And to say goodbye. I can’t wait to reunite with you in Jannah, in sha Allah.

You were perfect. I love you Abdulhamid Hassan

Your memories will be with us forever.

Please say a prayer for him when you read this.

May Allah bless you as you do.

– Zainab El-rufai


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