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Indonesia to Help Nigeria Produce Military Weapons, Aircraft

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The Indonesian government has announced its intention to assist Nigeria in producing indigenous military weapons and aircraft to bolster its air defense capabilities amid evolving threats in the region.

Indonesian Ambassador to Nigeria Usra Harahap made the announcement during a recent meeting with executive vice-chairman Mohammed Sani Haruna of Nigeria’s National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI).

According to a report by The Guardian, the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has accepted a draft proposal for strengthened bilateral defense cooperation between the countries.

Haruna explained that the federal government of Nigeria is committed to building on the defense ties between the two allied nations. He also said that the partnership is in line with the directive of Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari regarding the manufacture of local equipment.

“Indonesia is assisting us in the development of aircraft, both civil and military, the armored personnel carrier, and other equipment needed by the military,” Haruna told the independent media firm.

Acquisition of Military Equipment

Last week, Nigerian news outlet Daily Trust reported that NASENI plans to purchase N219 aircraft, two helicopters, and hangar equipment from Indonesia aerospace firm PT Dirgantara.

Haruna revealed that NASENI has already received the approval of the federal government to acquire Indonesian “know-how” in developing military aircraft.

Additionally, the executive vice-chairman explained that government approval includes the development of armored personnel carriers and other equipment to support military operations.

“The processes of acquiring the technology are for you to acquire it first to learn how to do the assembling and the process, the aircraft will be purchased to enable us to know how to assemble it and, in the process, you are learning everything and gradually you will be able to produce different components,” Haruna told Daily Trust.

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