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Consultant psychiatrist advocates for increased Government support to mental health organizations

by Isiyaku Ahmed
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Musa Na Allah Sokoto

Consultant psychiatrist and head of clinical services department of Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital Kware Sokoto, Dr. Adebayo Adebisi has advocated for increased Government support to mental health organizations across the country.

Dr. Adebisi who made the remarks while speaking to journalists on factors responsible for increased mental health in the country also said there is a need for Government to create mental health awareness programs and community awareness campaigns such as catch them young to correct the assumption or believed of the general populace that, the illness is contagious.

He said the disease is not contagious as it’s only attached to the brain and minds of patients as well as genetic make through parenthood. 

According to him the increasingly widening gap between people living with mental illness and the needed care are unprecedented as many patients suffering from the disease cannot afford the cost of their medical care.

He said other factors responsible for increased mental disorders in society are the stigma attached to the illness, economic problems, lack of care from friends, and societal rejection.

Adebisi further lamented that based on available statistics, the number of patients suffering from mental illness is on the rise as a result of increased inequality in terms of health care social stigma society, and economic factors among the populace.

Other factors responsible for increased mental health according to psychiatric experts are social, environmental, poverty, lack of job. Marriage divorce and separation among couples.

He said people should not be allowed to be compounded with abnormal stress of life and avoid things that can cause stress that they could not manage at a particular period, adding that for one to stay positive, he needs to avoid psychoactive substances.

Commenting on the general transformation taking place in the hospital, Dr. Adebesi said, the hospital has witnessed significant changes since the assumption of Doctor Shehu Sale in the area of renovation and reconstruction of buildings in the hospital.

He said the accident and emergency as well as the Intensive care unit (ICU) have received a facelift.

Dr. Adebisi further stated that the Hospital management through its medical director employed a significant number of staff from the host community Kware.

According to Dr. Adebisi the hospital received and treat over 100 outpatients daily from Monday to Friday with more than 10 new cases on admission, adding that they received patients from Katsina, Zamfara, Kebbi, Benin, and Niger republics.

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