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Your body benefits from both what it ingests, it is not about food, but lifestyle

By Sussanna Ngodoo

Healthy eating is a journey. It takes different components of our lifestyle to cause our bodies to become weak and eventually succumb to ailment. What one ingests through the mount can be beneficial or unbeneficial as much as what is inhaled, because they both end up in the blood stream.

Inhalation of chemicals, bacteria infested environments and other vices all play a part in nourishing the human body or depleting it of nutrients and ailment.  Healthy eating is one aspect that we can control if we choose to be savvy and put in the necessary effort.  Healthy eating becomes more beneficial when we take a wholesome approach to a healthy lifestyle style.

Pay close attention to the quality of   our food, cooking equipment cooking methods, hygiene safety in general and even one’s mindset. When all these are nurtured rightly the journey would offer much more benefits than simply relaying on one aspect of the whole to offer wholesome rewards

Always remember, it’s is not just about the plate While at it is important to  Connect to your why And have a healthy mindset, Stay easy.


When it comes to eating healthy many people are completely focus on the food on their plate.

Eating healthy is important, but focusing solely on the food on your plate is not so beneficial. We must know that our body gets nourished by a lot of things surrounding both our culinary habits and our lifestyle in general. Therefore, focusing on the food on the plate makes this journey very limiting.

Take for example, if you work in an environment that present the risk of toxic fumes or other toxic chemicals and you are not fully protected from inhaling these chemicals, at some point it would have an effect on your health even though it is not food or your ingested it. But it got to your system by way of inhalation.

For food as well she other processes play a role to how healthy the food on your plate really is. From the quality of the produce (whether organic or conventional), the cooking equipment, cooking methods, the hygiene of the environment (where the foods are cooked in eaten) And even down to the company you are amongst while eating the food all play an important role to making the experience healthy or unhealthy. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the whole and not just the food on your plate because nourishing the body goes beyond just the food on your plate.

It is multiple components   that play a role to make the journey a rewarding and beautiful experience and not just the food on your plate so always keep this in mind, it’s not just about the plate.


So often when we are trying to make a type of change, we do it from a place or “I need to, have to, or really shouId’ well, the truth is you don’t need to have to or really should to anything if you don’t want to.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when transitioning to a healthy eating habit is that your mindset is an important ally to help you achieve the set goal. There for you must protect your mind from certain thought which are not motivational, such motivational thoughts may become a distraction and even bring about feeling of stress, ultimately such thoughts are unproductive.  Therefore, you don’t need to be in such a mind space if you really wish to follow through with the set goal successfully.

Making a healthy eating change or any change for that matter is not a prerequisite to becoming a complete person, you must not, have to, or really should to be complete, no. You are perfectly okay, beautiful, valuable and appreciated just the way you are and there is no need to change anything for any other reason other than because you want to make the change.

Always make sure that your decision to make any changes is coming from a place of love. So if you do want to make the change then you need to ask yourself “Why”. And also make sure your why is coming from a place of love as well.

Connecting to your why is vital because it will serve as your anchor as you move through your healthy nutrition journey. 

And once you identify the why, make it a tangible ally by writing it down on a pieces of paper and pasting it in a position that your eyes look to often it could be on your dressing mirror, refrigerator, menu board, close to your Television or even placed in your clothing  pocket that’s if you are one that can remember to reach to it and read it as often as you may need to and keep yourself reminded why you are doing the change, why you are committed to following it through and all.

It will keep you aligned in the direction of what you want and where you are headed. So always remember that connecting to your why and ensuring that your why comes from a place of love are key to helping you achieve your goals without feeling stressed or feeling like you are not good enough of you don’t make the change, no. You are perfect, you are beautiful and valuable with or without these changes if you don’t want to make them. So always connect to your why for a successful transition to any change you may intend to make now or in the future.


Staying easy when transitioning to a new routine is paramount in on order to make good success.

 A lot of times when we are trying to make a change with our nutrition, we tend to be very militant in our approach. We usually use all they will power we have at the start working very hard to power our way through the journey, which usually leaves us exhausted and burnt out very quickly, as a result we end up falling off the plan and back to square one.

As they say, easy does it. What you need to know is there is no finish line or a medal to me won. So go easy…..

As you go along this journey, learn to be kind to yourself, learn patience, yet be curious and keep learning and in time you will master what is best suited to your body, and it will all become second nature.

Always bear in mind that it is a process, of transitioning to doing culiry and dieting in a more beneficial manner. So, the learning never stops as far as nutrition science keeps evolving. It’s a journey without a finish line, it becomes your lifestyle.

And finally give your self-time to be in the journey don’t be in a rush; embrace discipline, you don’t need to be militant in your approach or hard on yourself simply put in your outmost best at all times, be more creative, change up things and do things differently but in a more beneficial way, be as consistent as possible, be adventurous with cuisine trying foods from different cultures it will give you more variety to enjoy and make it the more fun.

And do keep a positive mindset your mind plays a huge role in everything you do. So, stay easy, don’t fuss take one step at a time and it will all align in due time.

God intends for us to eat well and sensibly too. Which is why He gave us such delectable assortment. Take advantage of God’s gift through food and flourish in health!

We care about your health! Live Nourished!!

Sussanna Ngodoo can be reached via E. Jacob or



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