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Maintenance fee: PMF Demands Accountability from Osun Government

The Progressive Minded Forum (PMF), a socio-political group, has asked the Osun State Government to account for the maintenance fees paid by pupils and students in public schools in the state since 2018.

The group in a statement made available to newsmen by its Coordinator, Sunday Oriowo, on Thursday stated that while the state carries out its structural integrity tests on the mega schools, it should also account for the funds it has collected from the students as maintenance fees.

Wondering why the government has been silent on the monies received per term as maintenance fees in the last three years, the group said Governor Oyetola would go a long way in proving his integrity if he comes out to explain what the maintenance fees were used for. 

The PMF noted that the maintenance fee of N3,000 was increased to N6,000 per session in 2020, adding that such an amount would have significantly helped to correct the issues noticed on the structures silently without generating public outcry.

It stressed further that the move to conduct structural integrity tests on the mega school buildings is one out of many moves by the state government to ensure that the legacy projects of former governor Rauf Aregbesola falls into ruins.

“While we assert that it is the responsibility of a sitting government to inherit assets and liabilities as well as take charge of projects executed by administrations before it, it is a clear fact that the decision of the Oyetola administration to conduct the tests is part of renewed attempts to rubbish the legacies of his predecessor.

“It is visible to the blind that the incumbent government in its politics of hatred has neglected critical public infrastructure, especially the Nelson Mandela Freedom Park, Osun Ambulance Services, Osun Fire Service among others which are the legacy intervention of the Aregbesola dispensation.

“Another critical question which stakeholders need to ask now is what the N3,000 maintenance fees collected from every student per session since the advent of the Oyetola administration in 2018 was used for?

“Our findings show that till date, the government has collected the levy which has been increased to N6,000 from each of the students in Osun public schools since 2020. However, there are questions to be asked on what has been the fate of the public schools’ infrastructure since this administration took over.

“Did the government carry out proper maintenance on the facilities inherited from the previous administration especially the schools? How much has the Oyetola government expended on the maintenance of public-school infrastructure, especially the mega schools in the State?

“How much has been realized so far from the maintenance levies collected from the students? To what extent has the monies realized been impactful on the quality of education in the state?

“We call on stakeholders in the state to join this quest for information and a clearer picture of the situation of things.

“We hope that in the quest for genuine reconciliation and progress of our party, APC, especially eight months to the governorship election, the government needs to be mindful of the negative effects of current efforts at rubbishing the previous administration?”



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