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Operation Dago’Kegba Takes Over Igala Land

In a bid to foster unity in Ane’Igala and the entire Kogi state, a new nonpartisan emancipation movement has unveiled tagged “Operation Dago’Kegba”.

The movement which was officially launched on November 6, 2021 in memorial of Dr Stephen Om’koji Achema who died on same date in the year 1999 is proposed to address all lingering issues affecting peace and development of the Igala race.

In a statement made available to newsmen by Comrade Ajogwu Ochada, the Convener of Operation Dago’Kegba noted that the movement is a peace accord that will be all encompassing but “tough and critical”.

The statement read;

“Igala land is blessed and we cannot continue to speak from both sides of our mouths. It is an ample time to join hands together to fight our common enemies and that time is NOW.

“We (Igalas) are peacemakers, wise and hospitable but our friendly nature should not be mistaken for cowardice. Operation Dago’Kegba is not a call for war but a declaration for peace, development and unity in diversity. Therefore, we are calling on our brethren to be useful, law abiding but conscious.

“Operation Dago’Kegba is in line with the vision of the late Sage, Dr Stephen Omakoji Achema who believed in the prosperity of the Igala nation; he was a great crusader of justice, peace and fairness to all and sundry especially as it concerns his kinsmen. Dr Achema is not dead, he is missing in action and his vision will continue to redirect us because posterity has continued to judge in his favour.

“It is time to reclaim our lost glories and the coming days is promising. We have also learnt from our past mistakes. This is a prudent attempt to move forward by trashing elements of divisive tendencies because there is no going back,” it reads in part.

The statement further noted that the newly launched Operation is not affiliated to any political party but a peaceful network that recognizes all Igala son and daughters who are willing to work together as one.



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