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Inability to maintain quality education is root cause of insecurity – Prof. Siro

Usman Garba

Professor Ali Ado Siro of Sociology Department, Federal University Dutse (FUD), said the relationship between education and insecurity in Kano State is of adversary which affects establishment of, and inability to maintain quality education.  

He also maintained that, Kano, being the most populous state in the federation, with a projected population of 15.18 million due to uncontrolled births, demands more educational institutions at both primary, secondary and tertiary levels to cater to the needs of the people.

Prof. Siro disclosed this during a-one Day Public Policy Dialogue on Education and Contemporary Security Challenges in Education tagged: “The Implication of Insecurity in the Development of Education Sector in Kano,” on Saturday at BON Grand Central Hotel, Kano.

The event was organized by a coalition of civil society group, “Girls’ Education Partnership” with support from PERL-FCDO.

PERL is Partnership to Engage, Reform and Learn is a governance program, funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office of the UK.

According to the professor of sociology, the poor plan to meet the educational needs of the growing population results to the growing number of out of schools’ children and adult dropouts at both levels.

“This is a dangerous threat to the well-being of Kano community,” he emphasized.

“Crime is an antisocial behaviour that affects social, economic and Political coexistence of the human world, it depends on the intention, action, harm, concurrence, legality, causation and punishment,” he added.

Prof. Siro maintained that, in every society, crime exists, but the inability of society to take full control of the number of crimes being committed within, amounts to insecurity.

He also said the battle for peace has to be fought on two fronts; security where victory spells freedom from fear, and the economic and social front where victory means freedom from want.

Prof Siro added that educational institutions, at all levels in the state, requires urgent attention.

Earlier in his opening remarks, PERL Kano/Jigawa states team leader, Isa Surajo said the purpose of policy dialogue is to engage advocates and the general public, security experts and educational leaders to discuss, resolve and provide lasting security solutions for the educational facilities in Kano.

“The objective is to deepen consultation and discussions with relevant stakeholders on the effect of insecurity on the educational system towards ensuring a safe and protective learning environment that will increase access, enrolment, attendance, retention, completion, and transition for Girls Education,” he added.

On his part, Detective Auwal Bala Dirimin iya, said mass kidnapping of school children by coordinated criminal gangs is one of major challenges facing Northern Nigeria and some of the reasons why school children are being abducted are easy targets, incompetence of security managers and the proliferation of fire arms, he added.

“Do not advertise or disclose your personal information on social media such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Instagram.

“Educate your family and loved ones on how to interact or answer questions from visitors, family members and neighbors; do not always follow the same route to and fro; and always say little and listen more.

“Stop showing your identify without official request or travel without some cash in your possession,” Dirimin-Iya advised.

Most of schools in Kano have low or no fence at all, particularly those outside the metropolis; teacher in primary and secondary schools lack orientation, and there are no sufficient security guards in both primary and secondary schools, he lamented.

 “There is need for Intelligence Research Policy as a strategy for proactive security measure,” he suggested.

Dirimin-Iya recommended that the state government should come up with security awareness program targeting youths who are mostly engaged in abductions and kidnapping out of economic frustration and unemployment. 



  1. The issue of insecurity is complex aside government failure, parents have great role to play. A situation a parents give birth to children they can not control or take care of is bad. Such children will become available for recruitment into any social vices.


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