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An Afterthought of Anthony Joshua’s Loss

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Olu Allen

It is no longer news that AJ lost his belts to the former cruiserweight and undefeated Oleksandr Usyk. The loss is a lecture on being outclassed and out punched by a smaller boxer. It should not be, that Usyk takes on world number one boxer and wins the belts.

AJ have surprised us before. He has a thinking ability to come up with a decision to win. I have watched the fight over and again and still don’t understand how and why he thinks he can attempt to out-box a good boxer well experienced in that department. That was not a good strategy at all.

Joshua needs to start letting go off the right hand. Let it go like it’s a jab. There is need for him to be fluidity in his work on both hands.

The reality is, there’s something wrong with Joshua’s punch resistance, as every good boxing fan will agree with me that he’s got one of the weakest chins in memory for a heavyweight champion.

If I were his trainer, I would have advised Joshua to use his size and power to overwhelm Usyk with huge shots in the first two rounds, so he can score a fast knockout. Rather he allowed Usyk out there like an old landmine waiting to explode. We know he doesn’t have the stamina to withstand such flurry of punches.

Usyk is a typical light, smaller cruiserweight moving up to heavyweight, and he is fighting a typical hulking heavyweight, strong body.

A bout between a southpaw vs. the orthodox is always an interesting one. Joshua failed to handle the smarter boxer. He was depending on his right hand to do the damage.

I expected AJ to get straight on him in an all-out attack, head, and body.

A lot have overlooked Usyk to be a small puncher. But all heavyweights can punch hard. Interestingly, the type of boxer that have troubled most heavy punchers are light non-punchers. Often time these types of non-punchers eventually wins most of the bout.

I think AJ underestimated Usyk, most heavyweights always do so because, they’re all big guys, 200-pound+.

He had time to unload on Usyk early while he’s fresh so that he can finish the fight. A sustained flurry of punches from Joshua would have proven to be enough for the referee to step in and halt the bout.

I think, Joshua didn’t take the chance of going all out with his attack may be for the fear of gassing out and being at the mercy of Usyk. Joshua has always gassed out. He did that against Wladimir Klitschko in 2017, and he would have been knocked out if the Ukrainian fighter dared to go for the KO.

Wladimir, just like Usyk, didn’t dare to try and finish the job. We saw Usyk lacked the bravery to finish Joshua. He even said his trainer discouraged him from that.

Joshua will have to work on himself in the rematch. He must do much as he quits in a second if he’s under pressure. It falls apart at the seams when it’s under pressure, and that happened during the fight.  

Will AJ become two-time champion? Yes, I believe he will. By February he will get the job done and maybe, just maybe we will eventually get the much-anticipated AJ VS FURY, all British unification fight.

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