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UK’s FCDO Partners Kano to Strengthen Institutions Through MAF

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Isiyaku Ahmed

Kano state government commits to partner with the United Kingdom’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), to effectively strengthen and deepen institutional reforms through Kano Mutual Accountability Framework (KanoMAF) for the overall development of the state.

KanoMAF is built around the dual concept of ASK on the one hand, and OFFER on the other hand.

The ASK relates to the reform agenda that the government has articulated and relates to the things that need to change to ensure development can happen.

The OFFER comes in the form of different programs, technical and financial support that the development partners (international community) can bring to meet government development agenda

 The concept of Mutual Accountability Framework goes far beyond the ASK and OFFER. It is holding each partner to account.

It is about holding government to account and holding international community to account as well. Here, the citizens group and civil society organizations would serve as watch dogs.

The meeting to deliberate on the strategy for the KanoMAF took place at Africa House, Government House, Kano, Wednesday.

In his remarks, the FCDP Development Director, Dr. Chris Pycoft said: “The Mutual Accountability Framework is an important vehicle for enhancing our partnership and ensuring that UK FCDO Nigeria delivers effective interventions in support of the Kano government to deliver tangible and measurable results for the people of Kano state.”

“Your government has consistently demonstrated boldness in making difficult, but necessary decisions to foster sustainable development.’’

“Today FCDO Nigeria re-commits to support your development strides every step of the way, through this framework.

“Our Mutual Accountability approach places obligations and responsibilities on both of us – a true partnership.

“This understanding of what our reform offer is, and what is required from the government counterpart forms the basis for the mutual accountability framework – where specified reforms, programmatic support, quantifiable indicators of progress and timeliness for achievement are agreed.

“FCDO wants to continue with similar partnerships with state governments, because without states, federal government could achieve relatively little.

“State governments have the constitutional responsibility for the provision of basic services including healthcare, education and other social development services to its citizens…

“So, our strategic dialogue discussions will focus on health, education, social protection, governance and economic transformation.”

In his remarks, Governor Ganduje said: “There is no doubt the relationship between FCDO and the state is helping us to strengthen our institutions.

“For any sustainable development there must be strong institutions. Stronger institutions provide better opportunities for sustainable development.

“Our relationship has always been fruitful. As a result, therefore, we increased our budgetary allocation to 25% in the education sector.

“All our policies on education and other sectors are formulated towards having strong institutions.

“We are partners in progress.”

Head of Sub-National Team, FCDO, Mr David Ukagwu, UNICEF Chief of Party, Mr Maulid Warfa, TaRL Africa representative, Inyang Omoren and the Open Government Partnership (OGP), Civil Society Co-Chair, Abdulrazak Alkali gave goodwill messages, acknowledging state government’s efforts in keeping faith to process of sustainable development.

Both parties in the MAF, FCDO and Kano state government would sign an MoU to that effect on Thursday at Science Secondary School, Dawakin Tofa, to seal the framework.

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