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No to Creation of Mushroom Universities – Hon Adar

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Musa Na Allah Sokoto

A National Assembly member and a frontline Politician in Sokoto state, Hon Musa S Adar has warned against indiscriminate establishment of Universities and other tertiary institutions without prerequisite facilities.

Adar who is the longest serving member of the House of Representatives from Sokoto made the comments while addressing journalists at his Gawon Nama residence in Sokoto.

He said: “The population of Nigerian Universities is becoming hostile to the growth of education in the country.

“How can you establish a University or Polytechnic where there is no Internet facility, power supply, roads and water which are some of the prerequisites of establishing a tertiary institution” S Adar asked.

“I said no to establishment of mushroom Universities. We should expand the old ones to accommodate our teaming youth wishing to further their education,” Adar said.

He expressed the need for proper planning of Nigerian man power to meet the current economic challenges facing the country.

He criticized the over seven billion spent in the construction of perimeter fence at Usman Danfidiyo University Sokoto, saying it’s unrealistic and that the amount should be used to expand the level of institutions infrastructure.

He however expressed dismay with the way, graduates of Nigerian Universities are engaged in various forms of crimes within and outside the country.

“I once sponsored a bill for the inclusion of curriculum for moral studies in our Universities, which was rejected at the floor, it would have been necessary for the National Assembly to allow go through a public hearing.”

Hence degrees are awarded based on character and learning, that aspect of curriculum for moral studies should made available as a prerequisite for awarding any form of degree to graduates.

“I believe lack of character is the root cause of moral decadence of our Nigerian graduate which force them to associate with criminal or even the same crime themselves,” Adar averred.

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