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Dadiyat: Two Years in Disappearance for no Reason….

by Isiyaku Ahmed
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By Sunusi Bature D/Tofa

On 1st August, 2019, I received a phone call informing me that a member of my team has been taken away from his residence in Kaduna by unknown men.

Then, I was working at the office of PDP governorship candidate for Kano 2019 as Director of Press and Public Relations /Spokesman.

I was also side by side, leading a team of social media influencers who voluntarily support my boss’s campaign activities right from the inception period, some of them are beneficiaries Kwankwasiyya administration’s foreign scholarships who decided to pay back the good gesture Sen. Kwankwaso accorded them to study abroad, Dadiyata is one of them.

After the call, I quickly informed my boss who asked me to issue a press statement, believing it was political intimidation from the side of the ruling party. The story attracted attention.

Since the very first day, the story of Dadiyata’s whereabouts became unknown to all of us, including his family members.

As we pray for rescue of Abubakar Dadiyata in the last two years, there’s one thing that annoys me any time when people are discussing the incidence.

I mean that body language indicating that he’s being taken away for political reasons should stop, Dadiyata is certainly taken away by his enemies, I mean real enemies.

There have been indications that he might have been kidnapped by unknown criminal gangsters, who may just be interested in snatching his car and probably the money in his pocket.

I am beginning to suspect that the Abubakar is no longer with us, the country is so unsafe that one can disappear for 2 years and remain alive, people are kidnapped, some are killed every day.

One will begin to wonder, who could keep Dadiyata for two years? certainly not the usual way of how security agencies make their arrest and detention.

In two years, no one could give a clue to his whereabouts? no one claims his arrest or kidnapping, Dadiyata’s case has been mysterious from day one.

I don’t believe that Abubakar is kidnapped because he was a social media influencer, a member of Kwankwasiyya or a lecturer.

He was taken away from his residence by criminals, who couldn’t be tracked by the security agencies, no group or individual shall be blamed, let us intensify prayers for him, please.

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