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It’s time to recognize and facilitate your body’s self-healing mechanism!

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Sussanna Ngodoo Jacob

Did you know that your body has the amazing ability to restore itself back to health and vitality?

Of course, it does!

However, it must be given the enabling environment to thrive.

From the inception God made it so, so that you may live in this world with a healthy body designed to heal itself anytime the need arose to activate this mechanism.  This indispensable living machine has multiple reactivation switches; however, you must understand the application methods. Firstly, our body is the temple of God and where the spirit of the lord is there is ability “1Corinthians 3:17scripture.”

So, your body can be miraculously healed because the Holy Spirit is in dwelling, because you have consciously preserved yourself right for the spirit of God to work in you.

Secondly it can also be achieved by eating His recommended diet plan for the body He created because He has infused these foods “Ezekiel47:12”;” Isaiah: 38:21” with medicinal elements to rejuvenate your cells and cause them to bounce back to life! It’s really that simple.

Yet we struggle with this realization every day, which is truly sad. Apparently, it sounds too easy, so we decide that it is easier wished than possible. Therefore, there is no need to practice since wish does not require tangible effort.

 I am sure you have heard the term “Garbage in garbage out” The idea is similar. Positive outcomes cannot be achieved when we keep indulging the wrong practices or not putting any effort in achieving that desired outcome. We must put in the work by practicing a sensible lifestyle with special emphasis on healthy nutrition

Each of us has miraculous self-healing qualities built into every cell of our body. As amazing as this self-healing pattern works, we fail to recognize and utilize the inbuilt self-healing power  of  the  body, as a result we tend to do the opposite to what the body requires to activate its healing mechanism to work in our favour, yet we expect a positive outcome….

We must recognize and continually facilitate the body’s own self-mending mechanism and quit injuring the body over and over again with the wrong foods and poor lifestyle practices.  Our overall wellbeing can and will be more vibrant and productive if only we can make a conscious decision to choose the right path to nurture the body to accomplish its self-repair obligation.

Nurturing your physical body is highly important to God, so much so that he ensured the body’s fuel was provided for even before He brought man to being.  Healthy Food is not just the human body’s fuel; it is the only sustenance capable of replenishing your basic unit of life, your cells. Nutriments can help keep your body healthy and protected from ailment.

Always remember that   the quality of the nutrients we ingest dictates the quality of the information that our body receives in order to repair, rebuild and sustain itself. So be savvy with all, think nutrition.

We only have one life to live so it makes a lot of sense to invest in it wisely to make it remain healthy and productive! 

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