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Information is power

by Ahmed Yahaya Joe
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Ahmed Yahaya – Joe

The Americans, British, French and Germans including the Chinese all have international radio services that have Hausa services. Each of these countries have an agenda in Nigeria depending on their vested interests.

 However, the communication strategy they have in common is in the widespread use of radio to target a huge population segment of our nation.

I have always wondered how and why the North is so easily mobilized until I recently read a report by the United States Agency for Global Media (USAGM)

According to the American survey, 83.4% of Nigerian households have a workable radio and 74.6% a TV. Whereas phone ownership is 87% to stay informed across Nigeria, 86.6% of Hausa speakers rely more on radio than any other source.

This means a generality of Northerners are less concerned about Social Media rantings. They hardly notice all that anger and frustration in posts. Simply put, political debate in the North is chiefly radio based. And as this picture depicts, the intensity is concentrated around the Tea Sellers’ table. Round the clock!

That is why the number of private radio stations is spiking in the North.

Simply put if any Nigerian that wants to effectively influence and indeed mobilize such a crucial demography, head for the nearest radio station instead of blowing steam on Social Media.

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