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All About Lettuce!

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Sussanna Ngodoo Jacob

All lettuce varieties contain vitamins A and C, which help support skin health and immune function. Green leaf lettuce also contains more than 100% of the daily value for bone-healthy vitamin K.

The Framingham Heart Study found that elderly people who consumed approximately 250mcg per day of vitamin K (a single serving of green leaf lettuce supplies 148mcg) had a 35% lower risk of hip fracture than those who consumed only 50mcg per day.

The beta-carotene in green leaf lettuce helps with vision in dim light, while lutein and zeaxanthin protect the eye from the sun’s damaging rays, making this leafy vegetable super eye-healthy. 

Regular inclusion of lettuce in salads is known to help prevent osteoporosis, iron-deficiency anemia, and believed to protect from cardiovascular diseases, ARMD, Alzheimer’s disease and cancers.

Unfortunately, lettuce may contain a lot of toxins and pesticides. This is because: It has a high surface to weight ratio. Bugs and microorganisms love those tender lettuce leaves, these pesticides are cancer promoting, as a matter-of-fact Lettuce happens to be on the Dirty Dozen list, those foods that contain very high pesticide content.

The organic forms are believed to be free from these toxins and safe for consumption. So always choose organic variety. Before usage Wash them thoroughly in cold water. Also, Lettuce contains moderate levels of oxalic acid, which maybe not be so great for people who suffer from kidney stones.

When selecting lettuce Choose leaves that feature crispy outlook, bright in colour. Avoid sunken leaves with spots or discoloration. Each variety of lettuce features a unique keeping quality; hence, different methods should be applied while its storing.

Romaine and loose leaf-lettuces should be washed, and any excess water removed before storing inside the refrigerator. On the other hand, Butter head need not have to be washed before storing. Pack them in a plastic bag or keep inside the refrigerator.

Romaine will stay fresh for up to seven days whereas, butter head and loose leaf-types for two to three days. Choose romaine lettuce if you can instead of iceberg. Romaine has one of the highest nutritional values in the lettuce category. Iceberg lettuce, on the other hand, has the lowest nutrition.

A great way to access organic produce could be to develop a relationship with subsistent farmers in your locality, let them know what you may need and pay generously for their services to help you grown healthier foods. With the advent of new farming techniques, it may be the only way to access organic produce these days.

The above tips are you ally to healthy culinary so use them generously!!

Always remember we only have one life to live so invest in it Wisely to get the best out of it!

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Maryam yakubu June 8, 2021 - 4:34 pm

Ma sha Allah
Very interesting and I will be eating lettuce every day then


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