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Health benefits of cold pressed coconut oil

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Sussanna Ngodoo Jacob

Cold pressed coconut oil is an unrefined oil unlike ordinary coconut oil. There is no application of heat while processing it. It is pure, natural and chemical free.

Here are several benefits of coconut oil:

1. Moisturizes the skin

2. Nourishes the hair

3. Boosts the immune system

4. Improves the digestive system

5. Balances cholesterol level in the body

6. Controls diabetes

7. Reduce heart attacks

8. Prevents wrinkles

9. Prevents pre-mature ageing

10. Conditions the hair

11. Protects against harmful bacteria and harmful microorganisms

12. Removes scars

13. Helps treat acne and pimples

14. Acts as a natural cleanser

15. Reduces stretch marks

16. Stimulates hair growth.

Any health-conscious brand would provide consumer with all the above-mentioned benefits. However, you need to be savvy when choosing a brand and also purchase items from stores with good traffic so as to avoid buying stale oils.

You also need to select oils that are packed in a paque bottle for better nutrient potency and finally avoid those packed in see through plastic containers, especially if placed in   bright area of a shop, she sunrays affects the Integrity of the plastic bottle which would possibly contaminate the oil.

Such oils are no longer healthy for human usage.

Always remember health is wealth so be savvy with all thing’s healthy lifestyle!

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