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Security threats have been contained Uzodimma assures Imo residents

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Gov. Hope Uzodimma of Imo has urged people to go about their businesses without fear as the security threats in the state have been contained.

Uzodinmma said this on Saturday during a live broadcast in commemoration of the worker’s day celebration in Owerri.

“You would have noticed that disgruntled politicians in concert with militants and other criminal elements have unleashed violence in our state known traditionally for its peace and hospitality.

”Unable to contain themselves over the developmental strides of our administration in just one year, these enemies of our state have devised devious ways of not only distracting us but striking fear on our citizens.

“Let me assure the good people of Imo that investigations to unmask the sponsors of these security breaches in the state have reached an advanced stage and very soon we will expose and prosecute them,” he said.

Reacting to the recent attack on his home, Uzodimma said it was a feeble attempt at intimidating his administration by sending a message that the state was not secured.

He added that the perpetrators failed woefully and warned that government would employ every lawful machinery to ensure every sign of criminality in the state was crushed.

“While I sympathise with them over their feeble and futile efforts at intimidating us, let me declare here that the state will employ all lawful machinery at its disposal to crush criminality.

“Last Saturday’s attempt to burn down my country home was just their way of sending the message that Imo is insecure but as always, they failed woefully.

“The government in collaboration with all the security agencies is more than capable of protecting the lives and property of all residents of the state; I swore an oath to that and I will never shirk this sacred responsibility,” he said.

Uzodimma assured the people that he would continue to work hard to ensure that things got better for all.

“I am not a man who makes excuses, I have come to work for the people no matter the circumstances and no amount of distraction can derail me from my mission,” he said.

The governor reassured the people that investigations are ongoing to unmask the sponsors of the attacks in the state, adding that they would soon be arrested and prosecuted.

He urged the people to go about their businesses without fear as the security threat had been effectively contained.

“It is quite unfortunate that in spite of the impressive progress we have recorded in the first year in office, some people have failed to appreciate the glaring evidence everywhere that Imo has taken a turn for the better.

“This group of fifth columnists has therefore elected to disrupt the peace of the state.

“Although their actions are quite regrettable, it is my duty as the governor of the state to ask everyone to sheath the sword and make room for development.

“I must warn that the day of mindless criminality in the state is over. Let me use this opportunity to assure all Imo people that I will leave no stone unturned in ensuring the security and safety of all of us,” he said.

Uzodimma assured that his administration was willing, able and capable of protecting the lives and property of the people and residents alike.

“Without any fear of contradiction, I can declare to you that the recent security challenges in the state have been effectively contained.

“Imo people should therefore go about their lawful businesses without any fear whatsoever,” he added.


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