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Chris Anyanwu elected president of Nzuko Umunna, Igbo think-tank

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Chris Anyanwu, a former senator from Imo state, has been appointed the pioneer president of Nzuko Umunna, an Igbo think-tank.

Pat Utomi, chairman of the board of trustees of the group, announced the composition of its executive council in a statement on Sunday.

Utomi said Nzuka Umunna was created in response to the desperate needs of the Igbo.

The professor of political economy, therefore, urged the executive council to be of good service.

“A candle loses nothing, it is said, when it lights another candle. I am full of trust, therefore, that the eminent members of this executive council will give generously of their service,” Utomi said.

“In knowledge and wisdom and love for God’s purpose for the Igbo person, that all may thrive wherever they are located and live-in peace with fairness, justice, and equity, as defining marks of their environment.

“Finally, I want to salute the dedication, tenacity, and goal-mindedness of Ngozi Odumuko and his team of young people who birthed Nzuko Umunna in response to the desperate needs of our people.”

Anyanwu said the task of the new executive council will not be easy “but with the team members bristling with patriotism, I am sure that passion and that ‘can do’ spirit will propel us to new frontiers and higher goal achievement.”

“Our highest mission is to bring out the best in our people and to build synergies across economic and social classes, interest groups, and political divides that will enable the best deployment of our very fertile pool of ideas,” she said.

(The Cable)

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