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Digestive friendly foods

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Sussanna Ngodoo Jacob

In order to assist good digestion, we must identify foods that are digestive friendly at every life’s stage. As we grow older our body’s digestive ability may become slower primarily because we have less activity. therefore, it is important to restructure one’s diet at a certain life stage in order to assist the body to digest foods consumed to support optimal replenishing of the cells as best as possible

Below are some great digestive friendly foods elderly persons can incorporate in their daily diet plan for best nutrient uptake, as it is the food, we digest that replenishes our cells and not simply what we consume.

Quinoa: quinoa is said to have originated in South America, and has been domesticated for over 3000 years and have been since used in the native’s diet.   Quinoa is known as a pseudo grain. It is actually a seed, but is used just like a grain in recipes.  This seed is nutrient dense and of course digestive friendly. It is a great source of multiple nutrients especially the b-complex group of vitamins, iron, protein among other vital nutrients and even better it is gluten free and none GMO. It comes in multiple colours, the most common is the white variant.

Raw Quinoa
Cooked Quinoa

Chia seeds: Chia seeds is also seed to have originated from South America and it is chockfull of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are central to protecting our health; they assist in strengthening our immune system and also prevent cell damage while its high fibre aids fluid digestion.

Chia seeds is very convenient as it can be consumed raw by simply adding to salads, both fruit and veg salads, baked goods etc.

Dry Chia
Hydrated Chia

Lentils: lentils are a legume seed similar to beans, they are said to have been in use for over 13,000 years ago. They were used to make soups and bread in ancient Greece and Syria areas. Lentils are super rich in iron, protein and multiple vital nutrients. They are also digestive friendly. Lentils also come in multiple colours.

Raw Lentils
Cooked Lentils

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