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Peace is the Best Option for Diverse Nigerians

by Mustapha Kabir Soron Dinki

Mustapha Kabiru Soron Dinki

Heterogeneity is the reason for a federation. However, in a country where citizens live in pieces there is every tendency for setbacks.

In a country like ours, no man is independent of others. He must need the support other people from other regions or tribes. This is understandable.

Northerners and Southerners can’t avoid the need for one another. The former has what the latter doesn’t have, the latter vice visa. Hence, mutual cooperation and tolerance for one another is the last resort.

Indeed, what happened in Oyo state and other southern parts is a national lesson to all of us. The price of tomato, meat, among others, have inflated unbearably in the south. The same thing happening in the North due to poor supplies of goods and services between the two regions.

Nationally, it’s a practical lesson to Nigerians, and also a signal of the significance of all to all.

Don’t invest in violence or take advantage and ethnicity. Unity among us is a child of necessity.

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