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Defense Minister Sir, Law Abiding Nigerians are not Cowards!

by Isiyaku Ahmed

Ahmed Yahaya – Joe

On June 28, 2020 a group of Black Lives Matter protesters passed in front of the Renaissance-style palazzo owned by Mark and Patricia McCloskey in a high brow neighbourhood of St. Louis. The married couple in their 60s strapped up to defend their home in case it was invaded by looters because in the Deep South state of Missouri, the open bearing of arms is legal as long as it is not done in a “threatening manner” – that notwithstanding if the looting had started, the shooting would have started!

The other picture is a throwback scene at the California Capitol in 1967. The members of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defence had stormed the legislative house to protest disarming them. Back then Black people were regularly used for target practice by Whites. However, when the Panthers learned to strap up, the racists learned how to coexist without indiscriminately shooting Black people.

Black Panther Party Members

In Nigeria, the time for select non state actors to bear arms has come. Our community vigilante groups should be licensed to carry Uzis and AKs. The mutually assured destructive capacity of the McCloskeys and Black Panthers made peace to reign.

Perhaps if the senior boarding housemaster at Kagara had had a Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) launcher, no bandit would have messed around with the wards under his care.

For peace to reign, Nigerians should be legally allowed to strap up!

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