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Convoke a National Conference on Inter Ethnic Crises – VICCDA Advises FG

by Isiyaku Ahmed
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Isiyaku Ahmed

The Vision Centre for Communication and Development Advocacy (VICCDA) has called on the Federal Government to urgently convoke a pan Nigerian conference to check the current spate of inter ethnic crises in some parts of the country.

The conference will address the immediate and remote causes of the civil strife and proffer lasting solutions.

In a statement signed, Monday, by its Acting Chairman, Otunba Gbenga Onayiga in Abuja, the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) said the proposed conference, which should be presided over by the President, would be attended by all the state governors, service and other security chiefs, traditional rulers and representatives of relevant interest groups like herders and farmers.

VICCDA expressed grave concern over reports of inter ethnic clashes across the country and warned that it could lead to a civil war, if not checked immediately.

“Students of history and international relations would note that no country has ever survived two civil wars. Nigeria cannot therefore afford to be plunged into another avoidable disaster and war when we are supposed to be focussed and accelerate the pace of improving our grossly inadequate infrastructure. 

“As the giant of Africa, Nigeria ought to be taking advantage of and derive strength and unity in her diversity and not entertaining ethnic and other primordial sentiments,” the NGO warned.

The media-based group urged the Press to display a high sense of professionalism and patriotism at this point in the history of Nigeria by exercising restraint in their reportage of conflict sensitive events.

VICCDA equally advised “Citizen journalists” and bloggers not to set our dear country on fire by feeding the public with sensational and unverified reports on inter ethnic clashes.

“We should always be conscious of the negative effect of some media reports on otherwise peace-loving people of Nigeria. The possibility of reprisal attacks due to the indiscretion of a reporter is rife, particularly on innocent and hard-working Nigerians who have hitherto been cohabiting and living together peacefully over the years in places other than their own,” the group noted.

VICCDA is working to promote good conduct, improve journalists’ ethical conduct and capacity building.

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Ibrahim Garba Maryam February 16, 2021 - 7:36 am

Who will represent the Boko Haram ,the Kanuri ? We are just beating the bush . Our problem is sectional crises and lack of adhering with Federal character act and nepotism . Failure to deliver social services is major coat . We don’t we advice the president to review the National confab resolution . Some sections are been discriminated that is why we have Biafra agitation, oduduwa conference and Arewa agenda due to poor leadership style .
Sheikh igmaryam


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