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A Safer Alternative Cookware, Clay Pots!

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Sussanna Ngodoo Jacob

Apparently affordable cookware made from metals such as aluminium, copper, stainless steel, cast iron are all reactive and would leach into the foods cooked in them. Cookware are also made from stable metals such as titanium, which is a stable metal and do not leach into foods; unfortunately,  cookware made from titanium is very pricy and not many people can afford it as a result the vast majority of the people are settled with these reactive cookware options.

In the quest to find safer  tools  for culinary, here is a safe alternative,  clay pots. Below are some facts about clay pots and how best to use clay pots

Clay pots are also referred to as Earthenware. Earthenware is porous which lets the food cook slowly and more evenly. Is it because of its porous nature and slow cooking that makes the food so flavouful!

While cooking food, you need to make sure of two things, first, not to increase the flame instantly, as it may cause a crack on the Earthen Clay Pot, start off with low heat, and then gradually increase the flame.

Secondly, do not use extra oil, as Clay Pots are heat resistant, food will retain moisture, so there is no need for that extra quantity of oil to lock in moisture.

Thirdly, unlike reactive metals that continually leach into foods, foods can be stored in a clay pot without harmful leaching consequences.  During warmer months, one can store water in clay pots, as yet again owing to its heat resistant nature, the water remains cool. During colder months you can store food in this Earthenware to preserve the warmth of the food.

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