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What you can do to minimize toxic effect of reactive metals

by Isiyaku Ahmed
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Sussanna Ngodoo Jacob

Cooking in reactive metals is one of the many ways we are exposed to toxins. It would do our health great good if we paid attention and practiced some of the methods of minimizing the effect of these toxins in our regular routine. Below are some simple detox tips:

Simple detox tips!

  1. Ensure to breakout a sweat often: this can be achieved through exercise or using a sauna. If you can’t afford to exercise due to reasons beyond your control you can do either sauna or simply wear warm clothing in a hot room and that should help you sweat it out…sweating does help take out toxins through the skin pores.
  2. Endeavor to drink warm water with the juice of lemon: first thing in the morning enjoy a drink of warm water with the juice of lemon. A medium lemon with 18 ounces of water should suffice. This remedy serves as a cleanser and potent antioxidant which effectively minimizes the effect of free radicals on the body as well as boost the immune system.
  3. Load up on raw foods: Eating vegetable salads more than once a day helps detoxify the body naturally. Including the likes of parsley and coriander will help bind the heavy metals that are eventually pushed out of the body by way of excretion.

We all have a responsibility to make wise and informed choices as regards our health. These tips are your ally to a healthy lifestyle so generously incorporate them in your daily routine!

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