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Never Underestimate the Effort of Others

by Isiyaku Ahmed
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By Adnan Bawa Bello

Sometimes in 1986, Alhaji Bashir Othman Tofa (a onetime Presidential candidate under National Republican Convention, NRC) came up with the idea of a community assisting itself through neighborhood and self-participation. Occasioned by the development this led to the establishment of the Gidauniyar Kano (Kano foundation).

During the Launching ceremony which took off in Kano City the celebrated and renowned Business Mogul in the person of Alhaji Aminu Dantata generously donated a towering sum of Ten Million Naira.

Towering in the sense that was then the highest amount ever donated freely by an individual in Nigeria. Consequently, the appeal fund rising continued in the whole of Kano State from one Local Government Area to another.

At the Lunching of the Dambatta Chapter, the day was dignified by the royal presence of His Royal Highness, then Emir of Kano, Late Alhaji Ado Bayero. However, as the program progresses, an indigent farmer caused a stir when he offered a live Goat as his donation.

However, upon enquiry by Alhaji Tofa the pilot of the project on why he was offering a Goat, the farmer replied magnificently that it’s not just a goat but it’s a quadrant of his total lively hood just to support the foundation.

Upon further enquiry, Alhaji Tofa established that the indigent farmer had indeed donated a full quarter of his livelihood.  At this point, Alhaji Tofa rose to eminently recognize the sacrifice of the poor farmer and announce thus:

“Without any prejudice and in comparable appreciation to the donation of Alhaji Aminu Dantata who although had donated the highest amount possible, however it’s only an incidental amount of his wealth, while this farmer is sacrificing a quarter of his livelihood, and by this his action even in the temple of God the farmer surely stands on the higher pedestal, and that we shall consider him on the same pedestal too.”

The lessons derivable in this piece of presentation therefore are grace and fortitude that is, never think that you are too poor to donate and uplift the life of your neighbour even as you may be uplifting him above self. And no matter your offerings people would appreciate and above all a tremendous reward from the God Almighty. Similarly, if you give a higher donation do not look down upon those that offer little.

If then a group of people of like minds in progress assigns you the responsibility to head them and manage their resources, you should show transparency, honesty and fairness and above all respect all and never based on how much is their monetary contribution, however your offering is, it depends on how high your hand can reach.         

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