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Better Ways to Rebuilding Nigeria

by Isiyaku Ahmed
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Mustapha Kabir Soron dinki

Nigeria is a product of artificial amalgamation of 1914 by Lord Lugard. Thus, we heterogeneously live together as a child of necessity. In a Republic, the best option is to peacefully live together.

I believe in true federalism driven by adequate restructuring. As a heterogeneous nation, we can only rebuild Nigeria when there is equal access to opportunity, respect for one another, rule of law, quality leadership and beyond.

Globally, we are not the only diverse nation on earth, I like Nigeria. I believe, God made our country for a purpose, surely, we can be a great nation in future.

So, there is no reason whatsoever for regionalisation of national issues, politics of ethnicity, hate speech, identity crises and beyond. National issues must be a national concern. We must live like a system, a failure in one part of the country can affect the other parts.

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