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Great Men Make People Happy

by Isiyaku Ahmed
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Mustapha Kabir Soron dinki

Not only a leader, even a private citizen like you and I. The worst people are those who don’t make people happy.

However, being a friend or colleague, relative or companion, teacher or student, master or servant, husband or wife, and beyond. It’s never been wise to be making people angry by your odd attitudes.

They say, giver never lacks. Those who freely help are most happy. In one way or the other, God makes them smile and also blesses their wealth.

Obviously, throughout the world, I’ve never heard about a stingy person whom lasts with people in a relationship. People often hate people like that and have basis for it.

Gifts help you convert an enemy into a fan. Give it a trial and see. You can experiment it. It’s a practical knowledge. The more you help people, the more you co-opt them by reducing their hatred for you. Only a fool relishes to stay with you without solidarity and necessary help.

May God guide our actions.

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1 comment

Markus Sati G January 15, 2021 - 8:45 am

True talk.


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