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Kudos to all the Youths in Politics

by Isiyaku Ahmed
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Mustapha Kabir Soron Dinki

It’s no longer at ease. Though, they say, there is no barrier to joining a political party or contesting for a political office if you meet the basic qualifications.

The fact that Nigerian political terrain is somehow the monopoly of few Nigerians whom are called Godfathers won’t prevent youths from getting their hands dirty in shaping their own future.

In this contemporary world, there is no substitute for youth political participation. We have to seize the moment and get involved in it. It wouldn’t be easy but we don’t have a choice. Nobody offers you power free of charge; you have to battle for it.

Politically, both literate, illiterate and semi-literate youths have to get ready to be disappointed, frustrated and prevailed in the end. In fact, that’s what the old ones governing our country do to maintain their power.

If we can’t do that, we will continue shouting that we are young. For sure, they were young too at one time, labouring to be what they’re today.

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