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Sabon Birni LG Sole Administrator Calls For Deployment of More Troops

by Isiyaku Ahmed
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Musa Na Allah Sokoto

The incessant attack by Bandits in the eastern part of Sokoto has been given sleepless nights to Villagers in western part of Sabon Birni local Government area.

The Bandits now carry out their heinous activities without remorse, killed and rustle cows and other animals at bun point during daily.

The sole administrator of the council, Honourable Jelani Danbuga while speaking to journalists in Sokoto called for more armed troops to hard to reach areas of the state.

The sole administrator went on to say that, the bandits stationed themselves in Kamarawa, Arume and Gebe villages and operates without challenge as they out power security personnel.

He appealed to authorities of the Nigerian Army to establish ammunition dump in Sabon Birni with a view to ensure steady and immediate reinforcements of supplies for troops at the front line.

“our troops are experts but the current situation is getting out of hands,” he added.

He said Government should send troops to Gebe, Kamarawa , Arume and Bafarawa as measure to checkmate movement of bandits and their informers.

The bandits now gained easy access to most villages as a result of harvest of crops by farmers, says the sole administrator.

He said Kalgo and Gangara are the two political wards that suffered attack by Bandits on daily bases.

He lamented that Satiru a village in Isa local Government is a well known hideout long before now but troops are yet to be stationed there , hence the need for Government immediate attention to free communities three living in bondage.

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