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The Kano State Community Policing Implementation Committee (SCPIC) supports the scrapping of Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Nigerian Police.

Speaking to newsmen in Kano, a member representing the SCPIC, Bar Sheik Mujibur-Rahman calls on Nigerians to also support the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Mohammed Abubakar Adamu and give him sufficient time to enable him set up a new outfit that would replace SARS.

Barr Mujibur-Rahman says “You must agree with me that there must an outfit to tackle the menace of crime be it armed robbery, kidnapping, hired assassination or banditry in the country”.

“It goes without saying that the IGP together with his able lieutenants would be duty bound to set up another outfit”, he added.

He urges the public not to rush the IGP in taking hasty decisions in the sense of making it back to square one, now that the government is being responsive towards hearing and yielding to the cries of the public against the accesses of SARS.

Barr Mujibur-Rahman appeals to the IGP to be very meticulous and up and doing in selecting men of honour and integrity within the police force; he advised that whatever outfit the IGP is going to set up to replace SARS, should have an inbuilt mechanism to check its excesses.

He explains that there should be a body (advisory committee) within the outfit made up of independent minded personnel such as members of the press, the bar association, non-governmental organizations and community leaders as it is the case with the community policing structure.

He says “what we are suggesting and humbly recommending to the IGP is to make sure that the advisory committee is given ample opportunity to advise any outfit replacing SARS against excesses such as brutality, debt recovery or involving in civil matters”.

He acknowledged that even in the defunct SARS, there are officers who are not criminal minded but somehow got implicated and suffered in the process……”the beauty of the advisory committee is that it will ensure accountability and calls for sanctions against police officers involved in unprofessional and illegal activities or any form of over zealousness,” he added.

Barr Mujibur-Rahman also calls on the public to appreciate the tedious job of keeping peace and protecting lives as we cannot do without the police “if we are faced with two evils, it is better to choose the lesser evil” he opined.

While fielding questions from journalists as to what would happen to bad elements of the defunct SARS operatives and his disposition of the #endSARS protest, he made it clear that any unscrupulous police officer whether or SARS or not should be sanctioned.

On the protest, Bar Mujibur-Rahman feels that since SARS has been disbanded, the protest should stop unless it has been hijacked by people who want to achieve what is yet unknown.

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