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PRAWA Creates Awareness on Social Reintegration of Ex-Inmates in Kano

by Isiyaku Ahmed
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Isiyaku Ahmed

Where there are no psychological, social or material support for ex-mates in their communities at the time of their release from correctional centers, they usually find it difficult to reintegrate into the society.

Social reintegration is the support given to offenders during their re-entry into society following imprisonment.

Some community-based interventions of re-entry has been variously referred to as “aftercare”, “transitional care”, “re-entry support”, or “social reintegration”.

In Kano, the Prisoners Rehabilitation and Welfare Action (PRAWA) is a nongovernmental organization which is focused on corrections and promotions of the re-formation, rehabilitation, and reintegration of offenders and provide an enabling platform for the implementation of non-custodial measures in Nigeria.

PRAWA in partnership with the Nigerian Correctional Service (NCS) and Prison Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) conducted a road walk sensitization campaign to create awareness for acceptance of ex-inmates back to their communities as part of the Yellow Ribbon Project in Kano.

The Yellow Ribbon Project seeks to engage the community in accepting ex-offenders and their families, giving them a second chance at life and to inspire a ripple effect of concerted community action to support ex-offenders and their families.

A placard on display during PRAWA “Yellow Ribbon” road walk

The sensitization walk which was colorful started from the Kano medium security custodian center to the Kano Government House round-about.

The Kano Head of Office, PRAWA, Katumi Mohammed Oboirien says the objectives of the walk is to create awareness of ex-inmates to be given a second chance to start a new life and to inspire community action to support the rehabilitation and reintegration of ex-inmates back to the community.

Oboirien says the walk will also create awareness on the need to stop stigmatizing ex-inmates and their families and calls on the private sector and faith-based organizations to provide job opportunities for ex-inmates and celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Nigerian Correctional services Act, 2019.

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