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Ondo State Govt Announces School Resumption; New Covid-19 Guidelines

by Isiyaku Ahmed
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Ola Segun

Ondo State Government has announced September 14, 2019 as a date for resumption for JSS 3 Students in the state.

The move was to enable students in the category prepare for their certificate examination.

Chairman of the State Inter-ministerial Committee on Covid-19 and Vice Chancellor, University of Medical Sciences, Ondo, Prof. Adesegun Fatusi made the declaration while presenting the officially approved updated guidelines for Covid-19 prevention in Ondo State to newsmen in Akure.

Prof Fatusi who commended the State Executive Members for their support since the fight against Covid-19, said the Corona-virus Prevention Guidelines is borne out of the need for the people to get back to normal life, though with recommended protocols, to safeguard their lives and family.

The guidelines as released by the Government states that Churches and Mosques can hold their activities any day of the week, but not between the hours of 10.00pm and 4.00am.

The duration for any indoor religious service must not be more than 2 hours on any occasion, and all public health guidelines for the prevention of Covid-19 must be strictly adhered to on every occasion;

Conventions or similar special programs can hold for only three (3) consecutive days at a time, but not between the hours of 10.00 pm and 4.00 am on any day; the maximum duration for such programs must not exceed three hours on any single occasion, and all public health guidelines for the prevention of Covid-19 must be strictly adhered to on every occasion.

Prof. Adesegun Fatusi

Permission need to be sought only in cases where some exceptions to the above-stated provisions are needed. Such applications should be directed to the office of the Special Adviser to the Governor on Health/Ag. Commissioner for Health for a written approval;

Vigils are totally prohibited until further notice; Special outdoor religious programs that may involve mass gathering of people such as crusades are still prohibited until further notice.

Not more than 50% of the capacity of the building of the Church, Mosque or any other religious body must be filled during any program

All participants in any church, mosque or any other religious group’s activities must adhere strictly to the following:

  1. Wear face masks properly (completely covering the nose and mouth) throughout the program
  • Wash hands under running water or use hands sanitizer before entering the

venue of the religious program

  • Maintain adequate social distance of at least 2 metres or 6 feet (about 2 arm’s length) from other people at the program

All Churches, Mosques and other religious bodies must have a dedicated enforcement team in place to continuously monitor and ensure strict adherence to the Covid-19 prevention guidelines throughout each service or program;

The guidelines for Educational Institutions states that the state is actively monitoring preparations regarding provision of adequate logistics for Covid-19 prevention for all primary schools, and announcement regarding the date of resumption will be made at an appropriate date.

Junior Secondary School (JSS) JSS 3 students will resume according to the following schedule while the date for resumption of other classes shall be announced at an appropriate future date:

September 7-13 – Preparation by schools to receive students with provisions that meet with the public health guidelines against Covid-19 Monitoring of schools’ preparations by relevant government agencies and teams.

September 14-18: Revision for students in schools.

September 19 – October 4: Examinations.

Other categories of guideline stretched to Businesses and Work places, Markets, Clubs and Bars, Social events, Burial wake-keep and Political Activities.

General Covid-19 Preventive Guidelines in Ondo State

  1. Citizens to continue with the proper use of Face Mask – such should cover both the mouth and the nose. Use of face shield does NOT replace the use of face mask: Face shields are really NOT substitutes for face masks;
  • Hand hygiene must be religiously practiced with either washing of hands under running water or use of hand sanitizer. Hand washing stations should be positioned at entrances of all markets, shops and public spaces and hand sanitizers strategically placed as necessary to encourage hand hygiene practices;
  • The reopening of Schools is being carefully considered and a definite date will be announced at an appropriate date based on the state of infection, reflections on national and global experiences, and due consultation with the government;
  • Resumption of Civil Servants on GL 1 – 12 is also being carefully considered and the dates will be announced at an appropriate time and after consultation with the government;
  • Curfew is still in place, and in line with Federal Government’s directive, covers the period of 10pm and 4am;
  • Transporters are encouraged to embrace social distancing inside their vehicles/tricycles/motorcycles;

7. Education of the public on Covid-19 to promote appropriate behavioural changes, including the proper use of face masks, hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene (coughing into a folded elbow or disposable tissue that are promptly and properly disposed) and social distancing. Every sector needs to be actively involved in the fight against Covid-19; as such, the Heads of various formal organizations, workers’ unions and units, such as the Banks, National Union of Road Transport Workers’ and market women should be involved

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