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Kano Emirate Councils Amendment Bill 2020 Passed Into Law

by Isiyaku Ahmed
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Isiyaku Ahmed

Kano State House of Assembly has passed the Emirate Councils Amendment Bill 2020 into law.

The Honourable Speaker of the House, Abdulazeez Gafasa, presided over the adopted amendment bill.

Majority Leader of the House, Kabiru Dashi said the amendment made provisions for the Emir of Kano, to serve as the Chairman of the Council of Chiefs, thus, putting the issue of rotation to an end.

“In the new law, the number of kingmakers have also increased from four to five members, to allow for the free and fair election of a new emir whenever there is a vacancy.

“We have four kingmakers in each of the Emirate Councils, in the case of death or removal, we are trying to avoid a situation where two will support and two will reject.

“By increasing the number to five; it must be free and fair while electing an emir. And also, the new law will provide a three-day deadline for the election of a new emir,” he said.

Dashi added that the amended law had also changed the title of the Council of Chiefs, to be referred to as the Council of Emirs.

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