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Blasphemy: Coalition of Ulama and NGOs Supports Judicial Ruling

by Isiyaku Ahmed
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Isiyaku Ahmed

The umbrella body that represents the various Islamic Organizations and Groups in Kano, the Kano State Coalition of Ulama and NGOs has taken a stand on a poem and recklessly blasphemed against the honour, sanctity and integrity of the personality of Prophet Muhammad (upon him be peace).

The coalition unequivocally supports the judicial ruling on the fellow in question.

The groups’ stand was contained in a statement signed by the organizations Chairman, Prof. Musa Muhammad Borodo, and made available to Stallion Times.

The group commended the dispassionate discharge of duty on the part of the Nigeria Police as well as the court that tried the case and the good people of Kano who upheld their respect for the rule of law to maintain calm up to the time the judgement was passed.

The statement further commended the various Islamic Organizations that have registered their support for the judgement and the Governor of Kano State for his willingness to respect the law and the sensibility of the people he leads.

It also called on human rights activists to always consider larger interests above parochial tendencies, saying they should rather devote energy in promoting mutual respect and social cohesion in society rather than parroting the perverted ideological inclinations of their foreign paymasters.

 “It should be understood that blasphemy does not constitute freedom of expression”.

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